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These WWW pages are provided as a free service to the internet user community.

Professional Software Engineering (PSE), it's owners, operators, employees, and contractors, assumes no responsibility for views expressed or contents provided by or referenced in WWW documents not created by PSE. Upon initial browsing by PSE, linked documents were found to contain references of general interest. However, their content may change at any time, and PSE is not responsible for those changes. Nor should the content of any such referenced document be construed as an endorsement of that view by PSE.

Further, while there is discussion of and pointers to Internet services and software, PSE disclaims any liability for problems you may have with such services and products. Unless otherwise stated, PSE makes no endorsements of such services and products. PSE's experiences with some companies and products may be expressed in these pages, but you should know that you may not necessarily experience the same results.

By providing this site and any ancillary services (including, but not limited to, mailing lists, chat, and email), PSE does not imply approval of the listed destinations nor disapproval of destinations not listed. Readers are reminded that Internet sites and applications are provided as services of their respective owners. Internet destinations operate under the auspices and at the direction of their owners.

Those owners may find it necessary to move services to other locations or to remove them entirely, so some links may not be available. Some sites do not provide adequate access to their servers, and may refuse connection. If this occurs when you attempt to follow a link, simply try again at a later time.

Some links may in turn lead to links containing violence, graphic themes, and/or strong language. Consider yourself warned.

No warranty expressed and/or implied. Void where prohibited. Your mileage may vary. No user serviceable parts inside. Warranty void if tampered with. Sealed for your protection. Please keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.


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