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Professional Software Engineering (PSE) is a small contract software company specializing in the unusual. We've written diagnostics software for hardware devices, cracked encrypted files, developed compression algorythms, created software to emulate hardware, produced software to work around problems in hardware and other software, and developed copy protection schemes (including some for CD-ROM). We've worked on low-level security kernels for various purposes (including file locking and access restriction).

We've also developed programs to detect and disinfect certain types of viruses (encrypting and stealth), although intended primarily as freeware interrim fixes until the companies who produce antivirus software for a living get around to their next release. We are currently reviewing the possibility of producing an AI engine for a disinfector program to actually automatically "learn" how a virus infects, mutates, and how to disinfect it.

We are available to act as a sounding board for ideas, or for custom programming projects.

The principal formerly spent nearly nine years with one large multimedia software company, in addition to working for early pioneers in the software industry.


Professional Software Engineering
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