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Direct forms for some search tools:

Domain Country Code Lookup

This is a simple lookup I wrote to automate the process of identifying the general origins of a domain. It doesn't do a whois (see the next few tools) to identify where the actual domain registration is -- it merely tells you where the domain is associated by the domain extension (.COM, .NET, .ORG could be ANYWHERE, so that's not going to tell you much).

Compute Intensive domain name search

This is a useful tool for people wanting to find out who "owns" a specific domain for instance, or if the domain is registered (just because you can't access a site doesn't mean the name isn't already owned).

Network Intensive domain name search

This is an alternate location for the same engine used above.

ProWeb domain name search

This is yet another domain lookup.

Savvy Search

Query options:

Search for documents containing

Retrieve results from each search engine.

Display results in [ Brief Normal Verbose ] format.

Integrate results.


There are several types of search: Case Sensitive

Which type records would you like to search:

Which fields would you like to search?
Titles Descriptions Keywords URL's

What fields would you like displayed in addition to the title?
Descriptions Keywords URL's

You can restrict the results to a domain (e.g. "uk"):

Stop after the first matches.

AAA World Announce Archive
Matilda Search Engine

(Multiple Word Search) (Updated Hourly)
Australian International

  • Tell Matilda about your site.
    Visit the Worlds Most Popular
    or Australia's Most Popular
    or this Hours latest International Sites
    Or this Hours Latest Australian Sites

  • WWWomen



    Return displaying results with

    Deja News (Usenet)

    Search for :

    Create a Query Filter to limit your search by newsgroup, date, or author

    Keywords matched: All Any
    Usenet database: Current Old
    Number of hits (per page): 30 60 120
    Hitlist detail: Concise Detailed
    Hitlist format: Listed Threaded
    Sort by (per page): Score Newsgroup Date Author
    Article date bias: Prefer new Prefer old
    Article date weight: Some Great None

    New Rider's WWW Yellow Pages

    Or select one of the following:
    (This will override the above input field)

    Number of results to return: 30 100 200 500 1000

    What's New Too

    Case sensitive

    Or And Quoted

    Substring Complete Words

    Number of results to return: 25 50 100 250 500

    Search Adult announcements also (Must be 21 years of age or older)

    Open Text

    And Or Quoted

    CNN Webspace

    U.S. News World News Bosnia News Sports Weather Politics
    Showbiz Food & Health Technology Style Environment


    Harvest Home Pages

    Display WAIS rankings
    Display object descriptions (if available)
    Display links to indexed content summary data for each result

    Number of results to return:


    FTP Search'95

    Search Type: Try exact hits first

    Number of results to return: 25 100 500 1000

    Limit to domain:

    Output fields:

    Per-host header: Host and country nothing just host
    Truncate hostnames (longer than characters).

    Alta Vista

    Search and Display the Results

    For example, to find a vacation spot enter: yak wool collecting "Peru"
    Web search

    Usenet search


    Enter words describing a concept or keywords so excite can find information for you:

    Reviews: Search our database of over 50,000 web site reviews.
    Usenet: Search more than 1 million articles from 10,000 newsgroups.
    Classified: Search Usenet classified advertisements from the past two weeks.
    Web documents: Search one of the largest web databases, more than 11.5 million pages.


    World Wide Web Worm

    Cedar National Address Server

    Enter a street address (or PO BOX), city name, and state to find the correct ZIP code+4
    This is a very useful tool. It'll also provide the bar coding if you want it.

    Post Box 751224
    Petaluma, CA

    Anagram generator

    This isn't a search tool per-se, but it is fun sometimes.
         Included Words: 
    Minimum Word Length: 

    Monty Python's Flying Circus script search

    A must-have search engine.

    Letterman's Top Tens

    I'm not really a fan of Letterman, but this is a search link to the OFFICIAL (CBS) collection of the top-10 lists aired on his show.


    A people and organization finder.
    people search
    name (required)

    organization (optional)

    organization search

    Searches work even with approximations and misspelled names.




    25 100 500 1000

    AND words together:


    Max-hits: Min-terms: Min-score: Terse output:


    Search only: Web pages Newsgroups
    Usenet FAQs Reviewed pages

    Websters Dictionary (USA)

    Computing Dictionary



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