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[Search] [DSearch] Web Searching Tools [NEW]

These links contain references to other sites of interest along your journey to locating resources on the Net. You are encouraged to save these pages to your disk and to reference them any time you need to find something on the net -- the search resources provided here can prove invaluable in locating information on the net.

Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking (DUN) for Netcom users [NEW]

This is a document with step-by-step instructions for configuring Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking for use with Netcom NetCruiser accounts. Aside from some specific numbers provided for Netcom customers, the instructions are valid for most PPP-style Internet dialup accounts, so although the original Necom outfit is no longer doing business as the same company, the information provided here should be of some use to people looking for a step-by-step DUN configuration.

[New User] The PSE New User Page [NEW]

I've attempted to provide answers to a few of the things that newusers to the Internet ask often. A URL is defined (and dissected), as are a number of common terms. This also includes links to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions documents), netiquette documents, and other general interest Internet stuff.

[Software Devel] Programmer related Links

Stuff generally of interest to programmer types. Non-demoninational, with a lean towards C/C++, Assembly, and Windows, with a bit of hacking thrown in for good measure.

[Photoshop] Adobe Photoshop hotlinks [NEW]

This page contains many links to sites of interest to people using, or considering using Adobe's photo-editing/paint program. All of the graphics used in this site, as well as most of those truly astounding graphics you see out on the net were created using this software.

[Net Tools] General Purpose Internet Utilities

This page includes links and reference information for a variety of utilities which have been found to be extremely useful in conjunction with the Internet. Some utilities actually have no direct relationship to Internet, and are perfectly useful even for people not using the Internet. Encoders/Decoders, Security, Compression, and Site Access limiting software are linked here.

Text Utilities

Just a couple of really small utilities I wrote a long time ago for working with text files - one for converting text files between DOS-UNIX-MAC linefeed formats, and the other for concatenating files into one file, but with an FF (formfeed) character embedded (or optionally, not).

[Web Devel] WWW/HTML Information

Topics include: What is HTML, WWW Programming, and How do I get a home page on Netcom?

[Winsock] Winsock Information

Topics include: What is Winsock, and references to Winsock help, discussions, and links to applications to download. Plus, pointers to configuration tips for some Winsock applications.

[Personal Links] Personal WWW Links and Points of Interest

My personal web links. Weird sites to see, as well as other cool stuff.

Hard disk model number decoding [NEW]

If you spend much time under the hood of computers, you'll probably want to check out these tidbits of information on how to decode drive information using the model number code from major manufacturers. The information here will be elaborated upon soon.


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