Hard disk model number encoding

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If you're like me, you handle hardware a lot. This page is an attempt on my part to collect up the hard drive model identification breakdown for most of the major manufacturers. Many new hard drives have the drive metrics printed right on their label, but some companies continue to simply print the model number. Using the information presented here, you can easily determine the total capacity as well as other information on a drive from the model number alone.



A = ST is the prefix on Seagate Technologies drives
B = Form Factor:

	1xx 3.5" HH
	2xx 5.25" HH
	3xx 3.5" 1 inch high
	4xxx 5.25" FH
	6xxx 9"
	8xxx 8"
	9xxx 2.5"

C = Megabytes.  (Approximate) unformatted capcaity.  e.g.  ST225 is 25M
	before formatting.

D = if not present, ST412/MFM interface.
	R = ST412/RLL
	A = AT Bus
	X = XT Bus
	K = IPI-2
	suffixes, generally applied to SCSI:
		D = Differential SCSI
		M = Apple Macintosh compatible SCSI
		S = Synchronized Spindle
		V = Novell NetWare Ready
		P = Write precomp


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