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FFCAT is a small DOS utility to concatenate files together. Much better than having to type "COPY file1+file2 file3" (which would produce a file3 totalling the size of file1 and file2, effectively doubling the disk usage until you deleted file1 and file2, and quite annoying when you want to copy MANY files into one), since it simply tacks the contents of file2 to the end of file1 (which means that the only additional disk requirement is the size of file2 -- if file1 grew to 10MB, and you wanted to add a 1K file to it, FFCAT would only require an additional 1K of disk, whereas the DOS copy mechanism would require 10MB more). This is freeware. There isn't any documentation (it is a quickie, simple program), so just run it without parameters to get the usage information. FFCAT isn't a "new concept" -- DOS just doesn't implement file concatenation efficiently.

XCRLF is a small DOS utility to simply convert a TEXT file between different operating environment formats (MS-DOS, UNIX, and Macintosh), which identify ends of lines differently. Simply run the utility without anything on the commandline for usage instructions. Useful for converting from UNIX format files to MS-DOS (like so: XCRLF DOS filename). Copyrighted freeware. Again, this isn't a new concept (format converters have been around about as long as there have been different formats to convert), but it is a free utility to do it, and DOS doesn't come with one.

Download the current (v02.04g) version of PKZIP from PKWARE. This is a must-have utility for just about anyone exchanging information via computer, Internet or otherwise. Many programs are compressed with it (thus the .ZIP extension). This link is directly to PKWare's (the author) FTP site, so you are assured of integrity. The program is self-extracting (that is, it is an EXE you run which produces a bunch of files, which are the program).


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