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Personal subject links:

My FUN links page. Stuff like links to comic strips on the net (like Dilbert) and weird tidbits of humour.

American Firearms Industry.

Women's Sites

Advancing Women.

Field Of Dreams. Women in Business.

Women's Business Network.

Women's Network. iVillage has been running a lot of male-denegrating television commercials in the latter half of 1999, you've no doubt seen them.

Laura Lemay's Home Page. She's the author of an HTML programming book. Kewl.

San Francisco Bay Area Bookstore Events Current events for Bay Area residents and visitors.

Paintings -- an art exhibit Art on the Net by (and for) artists.

Marin County, CA on the WWW. Its where I live.

Intel Corp. You know, the guys who made the buggy Pentium(tm)...

Locals here in California might want to check on current Earthquake info: FINGER

World Population counter"

IntelliCast National Weather forecasts

Weather Information Superhighway. This should be your starting place for any weather related information. It covers a lot of weather topics, and has links to many other weather sites.

The What's New Page - The Original What's New Page at NCSA.

Cooking Links:

The place where I (used to) work has a yearly chili cookoff. I never enter the SAME recipe every year. This year I decided to get some inspiration from chili recipes on the net - not the recipes themselves, but ideas from the ingredients lists. Here are some of the links which contained interesting material:



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