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After constructing all the serious web pages here (search tools, new user references, and the like), I realized that my Personal Subject Links page just wasn't all that FUN. Hopefully, the links on this page will make up for some of that.

The Geek Code. A fun coding of a person's personality, appearance, and interests (with a bend towards computers). Many people include them in their mail signatures.
For example, my geek code is:
  GCS d-- h-- s+:+ g- p1 au-- a- w+ v* C+++ US L+ 3 E- N++ K++ W++ M--
  !Vm -po+ Y+ t- 5 j- R+ G'' tv b+ D+ B--- e u++ h--- f r+++ n--- y+++

Candy Factory / Baking - M&Ms

The Louvre.

Doctor Fun (daily comic)
Dilbert - archive
Mother Goose and Grimm
United Media index


Question Of the Day

Welcome to the North Pole


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