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What is a FAQ? A FAQ (rhymes with "black"), is a document of Frequently Asked Questions. More than likely, if you have a question, someone has ALREADY answered it. If it is a frequently occurring question, it usually gets added to a FAQ.
Mark Stout maintains a document that gives step by step instructions for Re-Installing Windows. You might consider getting this and printing it out just in case you ever need to do this.

FAQ Links:

* Rules for posting to Usenet
* FAQs by archive name. Look here before going to a newsgroup and asking a question.
* FTP Newsgroups list from
* Newsgroups list in HTML from
* List of Anonymous FTP Sites around the world. Comprehensive.
* Technical FAQs.

MIT maintains an FTP site ( -- "RTFM" being anacronym for "Read The F***ing Manual") which is often considered the official site for most newsgroup FAQs. You can check many of them out at Usenet by Hierarchy or via the Ohio State Hypertext versions of SOME of them.

There are also many mirrors of MITs site, here is a sampling:
North America:
Uunet Communications Services, Falls Church, VA
America Online (Quantum Computer Services, Vienna, VA)
Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems ag, Paderborn, Germany
Datus Electronics Information Systsems gmbh, Aachen, Germany
University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Villeurbanne Cedex, France
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Somewhere in Taiwan
Postech in Pohang, Korea
Hong Kong Supernet Project, Sino Software Research Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Or you can send a message with the body of "help" to the MIT mail server.

Newsgroups you can check out for various FAQ postings are:
comp.answers and news.answers

RTFM, Web Style. A collection of user guides for UNIX.

Check out this direct link to a series of FAQs converted to HTML (web) documents, sorted by subject. I'll list the topics of some of the more commonly interesting ones:
Privacy / PGP / Periodic Postings / [] / active newsgroups / / computer security / compression / consumer credit / diabetes / CSH Coke Machines / how-to find EMail / ftp list / finding groups / internet / internet services / IRC / ISDN / net abuse / net legends / pictures / PPP / quotations / signature, finger, and customized headers / so you want to create an alt newsgroup / stupidity / WAIS

For you nefarious types:
alt.2600 / alt.locksmithing

And for programmer types:
assembly language / C / C++ / cryptography / How to find sources / ms-dos programmer

An Index to the Utrecht University Computer Science Department's Software Archives. This isn't software in the commonly applied sense of Programs -- it is actually a data archive. In addition to the link to the FAQs above (as well as a search engine and newsgroup-based list), this page also offers links to CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) Advisories and some other useful stuff.

There are also some programmer FAQs listed in my Programmer Links page.


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