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Welcome to the PSE Plugins page. Currently, we only have one plugin offering, but expect this to change as we get time to produce and post more.

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Bounding Box for Win95/NT [NEW]

Our first plugin. It is basic, but as such comes in quite handy in a number of situations. A Bounding Box is a rectangle which encompases an entire selection - for example, if your selection was a circle, it would be a square just large enough for you to pass the circle through. The key phrase here is "just large enough." The object to be bounded doesn't have to be a regular shape -- and it doesn't even have to be a single selection mass. Just run the Bounding Box filter, and the outside dimensions of your selection will be turned into a rectangular selection.

Ever make a cool web graphic, but had too much excess space around it when you went to export it? Do you find it annoyingly time consuming to manually produce a bounding box, when this should be a simple task? Want to easily crop a selection to size, but the selection isn't rectangular (and PhotoShop won't crop unless it is)? Bounding Box is your answer.

The Bounding Box plugin is shareware - check it out, and if you find it to be a useful addition to your toolbox, please register it. You'll get preferred offers for future plugin solutions.

Note for Macintosh users: this plugin isn't currently available for the Macintosh, although we're working on getting it ported once we can pair up with someone with the appropriate Macintosh development resources.

Microsoft VC Runtime DLL

DLL used by the above plugin. Check your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory for MSVCRT.DLL, and if you don't have it, get this file and extract it into your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.


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